Face Mask Dust Particle 3-Layer Design Mask with Earloops - CandyCare Disposable 25 Pack

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  • 3-WAY FILTER - The CandyCare disposable face mask is made from a supportive and powerful 3-layered fabric, with non-woven fabric outer layers and center filtration non-woven fabric layer. CandyCare Masks are latex-free.
  • DAY-TO-DAY PROTECTION - High-efficiency 3-layered design helps filter dust and debris. This mask is a general use mask, and it is NOT INDENTED FOR MEDICAL USE.
  • SMOOTH FEEL - Designed for a softer, latex-free and smoother feel for breathability all day long. (NOTE: Blue side of the mask facing outwards while the White side of the mask facing inward, then pinch the metal edge to the shape of your nose.)
  • UNIVERSAL EARLOOP DESIGN - Universal fitted elastic ear loops for a variety of users for instant protection and adding no strains to the ears.
  • CAREFULLY PRODUCED - Produced, sealed and packaged in China. QA'ed and imported by US distributor.
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